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About SAS

Inter club cooperation goes back to the early 1990s, when individual clubs in Aberdeenshire started competing at national level competitions.

At that time, individual clubs had limited capacity to provide a coaching pathway at the level of training required. The South Aberdeenshire Squad was constituted with the aim of providing joint training sessions and competing as a joint composite team at national level.

In late 1998, Martyn Woodroffe, SASA National Director of Swimming, helped us work towards a closer relationship with Aberdeenshire Council and to realise our ambition to appoint a full-time professional Swimming Development Officer/Head Coach to lead the programme. Gary Paterson was appointed in January 2000.

Aberdeenshire Council accepted the swimming development plan in November 2000 providing South Aberdeenshire with "a framework for sound foundations in the teaching of swimming and other aquatic disciplines and allowing participants to move seamlessly along pathways towards achieving their potential".

The many benefits of SAS include:

  • Professional coaching advice & guidance
  • Improved links between local clubs
  • Coaching support network
  • Aberdeenshire swimming development plan
  • Joint curriculum and resource manual for all clubs involved
  • Training and competitive opportunities for swimmers with peers at a similar level
  • Opportunity for committed Top Squad swimmers to train at appropriate level with peers.

As a member of one of the four participating clubs, swimmers are automatically a member of SAS and may be invited to represent South Aberdeenshire at appropriate events.